About Us

We are a discount broker. We save you time and money.


Do not think that you are getting less because you pay less.


We are a full-service real estate brokerage firm providing you with high-quality services in marketing and selling your home. We work hard and we will negotiate the best for you.


For buyers we do all the research and legwork up front and help you find the right property in the right area and also negotiate the best for you.


Why charge less? We are able to charge less, because we don't have the overhead that others have. 

​Donata has been a real estate broker since 2006. She's lived in the Bay Area for 20 years having located here from Munich, Germany. She has represented numerous clients throughout the Bay Area with expertise and market knowledge best focused on the South Bay.
Having worked in High Tech for many years, she brings her broad marketing and sales knowledge to the table. She has been in Customer Service Management and Business Development for many years. Her motto "Commitment to clients and delivery of the very best Service".

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